Skate Our Souls – Browser Game

Skate Our Souls is an addictive little OlliOlli-esqe 2D skateboarding game where you use just one button to pull off a variety of tricks as you make your way through its challenging skate courses.

In Skate Our Souls your aim is to rack up high scores while making your way through five increasingly tough levels. Your skater continually moves forwards so all you need to worry about is pulling off jumps, grinds and tricks – all of which you do with just one button. You jump by holding and releasing the spacebar, carry out tricks in the air by tapping the spacebar while in the air and grind/manual by holding the spacebar as you land.

It’s a simple, but tough and addictive little game that keeps you coming back as you attempt to master the courses. You’ll fall on your face a lot, but there’s a nice sense of achievement when you pull off a perfect run!

Controls: Spacebar – Jump/Trick/Grind

Available On: All Browsers

Play Skate Our Souls Here

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