Sketchful – Browser Game

Sketchful is a fun browser based online multiplayer drawing game where players take it in turns to draw objects while the rest of the players attempt to guess what they are.

Essentially an online multiplayer version of Pic Charades, in Sketchful players attempt to draw objects so that the rest of the players guess what they are, with points being awarded according to the speed people guessed the correct word. Each player can name and create their own avatar, then enter a lobby with around 8 players, where each player then takes it in turns to draw.

When it’s your turn to draw you are given a three different words to choose, which you then attempt to draw using a fairly limited set of paint tools. As time passes by some of the letters of your word will be filled in to give players who haven’t guessed it yet a chance. Then once the round is finished points are awarded according to the speed people guessed (with the drawer being awarded the same points as the fastest correct answer).

It’s a great little drawing game with a welcoming community and much less trolling/profanity drawing than other similar games thanks to the ability to boot players out of the game. How good are your sketching skills?

Controls: Point, Click & Type

Available On: All Browsers

Play Sketchful Here

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