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SKINCRAWLERS is a freaky and surreal retro styled horror game where you control a six-legged TV abomination that crawls around a sunless void in search of corrupted signals to consume.

Created for the Haunted Hunting Jam by LEAKYFINGERS (creator of the excellent SEASHELLS), SKINCRAWLERS is a very freaky and unsettling little game set in a strange sunless void where spider/TV hybrids scurry around eating each other. You take control of one such TV abomination and must consume other TV abominations to collect five corrupted signals that are beamed into the void from a place that isn’t so empty. However, it’s an abomnation-eat-abomination world so you have to avoid being consumed yourself!

You’re pretty much left to figure out things for yourself in SKINCRAWLERS and it’s a pretty weird game so it does take a few attempts to figure out. Once you get to grips with it though it’s a fun and freaky little game as you scurry about hunting and being hunted in the darkness. The way your little six-legged TV abomination scurries around is very cool and the ability to display the signals you consume on your screen is a great (and rather disturbing) touch. A wonderfully weird little horror game that’ll make your skin crawl.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download SKINCRAWLERS Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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