Skippy the Bot – Browser Game

Skippy the Bot is a challenging little physics-based pixel art platformer where you control a little robot that you control the legs of independently.

Created by DoctorM64 (creator of the now infamous AM2R unofficial Metroid 2 remake), Skippy the Bot is a short game based on a short sequence of AMR2 (where you controlled a robot) and has been made to celebrate AM2R’s 5 year anniversary. It features 10 challenging levels that you have to guide your little robot through using a unique semi-QWOP-like control scheme.

You can move/roll your robot left and right using the arrow keys, but you can also independently control its left and right leg. You can then use this independent leg control to jump, flip and rotate in the air – and you’ll need to master all three if you want to make it to the end of the game.

It’s a simple, but fun little game with charming pixel art visuals, a unique control scheme and cleverly crafted levels. AM2R may be dead, but it’s nice to have something to remember it by!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X/C – Left/Right Leg (ControlPad Compatible)

Available On: Windows, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Skippy the Bot Here

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