Skorpulac – Downloadable Game


Skorpulac is a super tough old school action platformer in which you must make your way through just five deadly rage-inducing levels.

As soon as you load up Skorpulac, it impresses with it’s stylish minimalist visuals and wonderfully atmospheric audio. With just five well crafted levels, it’s a retro action platformer distilled down to its purest form – there’s no filler or unnecessary storylines, just challenging retro gameplay from start to finish.

Skorpulac is a relatively small game, but it’ll take a lot longer than you’d expect to complete it due to it’s challenging gameplay, fiendish level design and insta-death hazards. The deaths aren’t unfair though – when you die, it’s always due to your own ineptitude, so stick with it, don’t rush things and you should make it to the end of this super cool and super tough sci fi action platformer.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – jump, C – Attack

Available On: Windows

Download Skorpulac Here

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