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skribbl io game is a fun and friendly massively multiplayer browser based drawing game in which players take it in turns to (badly) draw objects within a time limit and the rest of the players attempt to guess what they are!

The rules in are simple – attempt to guess the pictures others are drawing as fast as possible to earn points and (when it’s your turn) try your very best to sketch something that looks at least remotely like the object you’ve chosen to draw! The quicker you guess the correct answer the more points you get and the higher you climb up the leaderboard. The drawing utensils are rudimentary but functional and should be perfectly adequate to draw any object you choose to draw (although wether your drawing skills are adequate is another matter entirely!)

Wether you fancy drawing some 80 second masterpieces/abominations, enjoy a good party game or get a kick out of seeing some of the terrible pictures other people can knock up, it’s great fun and very addictive. A great little social drawing game well worth dropping in on.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Here

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