SLAM_SHIFT – Browser Game


SLAM_SHIFT is a super tough physics based action game in which you must morph between a manoeuvrable, but very fragile rocket and an uncontrollable bouncing ball of destruction.

SLAM_SHIFT starts of playing like a precision driving game with you attempting to drive your rocket around a track without touching the sides. Things change dramatically when you press the spacebar however, turning you into a near-invincible bouncing ball that you have no direct control over – it simply uses the momentum you had before the transformation.

As your rocket is fragile, you’ll have to use the bouncing ball to help you squeeze through tight spaces and even to defeat enemies that are scattered around the levels. It’s a fun concept that provides a great contrast between the pure precision driving of the rocket and the uncontrollable chaos of the ball. It’s also a very tough game, so kudos if you manage to beat it!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Transform

Available On: All Browsers


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