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sleepy orphan simulator game download

Sleepy Orphan Simulator is a very strange and rather creepy little puzzle platformer in which you control individual sections of your little orphan independently as he attempts to get to bed before falling asleep.

In Sleepy Orphan Simulator you can switch between control of individual sections of your body to have direct control of them, each of which has their own uses. When controlling your legs you can walk and jump, using your hands allows you to grab and throw things, while using your head allows you to eat and look charming to impress the adults who may adopt you. It’s a complicated and rather unintuitive control scheme, but as with QWOP-likes, wrestling with the controls is part of the fun.

In each level you need to make it to the exit before you fall asleep. Your energy is continually depleting but performing actions like walking or jumping makes it drop quicker. You can grab food and eat it for more energy, but that requires a bit of coordination between your arms and your mouth so that can be tricky too! As well as reaching the exit there’s also optional objectives that require you to charm the adults that you meet to increase your chances of adoption – but you’ll have to be pretty efficient with your energy use to manage to charm them all.

Your sleepy little orphan boy is adorable but the rest of the world is quite sinister, particularly thanks to the soundtrack that’s full of weird noises and distorted voices. It’s a strange and unsettling atmosphere that can really get under your skin while you’re wrestling with your wobbly little orphans modular body controls. A bizarre little puzzle platformer well worth staying awake for.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Space – Action, Up – Be Charming, Ctrl + Up – Select Head, Ctrl + Left/Right – Select Arm, Ctrl + Down – Select Legs

Available on: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Tip: You only have to tap up to charm the adults (don’t hold up as it depletes your energy quicker)

Download Sleepy Orphan Simulator Here

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