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slime time game

Slime Time is an addictive and super tough little arcade action game in which you blast toxic slimes in your ‘laser-jetpack-plazma-rifle suit’ that uses it’s firepower as it’s only form of propulsion.

In Slime Time you control the world’s wealthiest CEO, whose company has inadvertantley released a massive amount of toxic waste. This has caused hordes of mutants to invade the sewers, so now it’s up to you to wipe them out before anyone finds out about them.

The controls in Slime Time are simple, but the gameplay is very hard. You propel your suit by firing in different directions – so fire left and you’ll move right, fire down and you’ll move up. This makes for some very twitchy gameplay as you attempt to move out of danger and blast slimes simultaneously. There are some health pick-ups that may aid your survival, but it’s still damn hard to last more than a minute! A very challenging, but very addictive little slime blaster.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Firepower/Movement

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Slime Time Here

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