Slimey, Jump! – Browser Game

Slimey, Jump! is a charming and challenging PICO-8 powered single button precision platformer where you battle bosses and traverse deadly levels on your quest for cake.

It’s a nice day and you and your slimey buddy fancy some cake. You volunteer to go and gets one and the cake shop is apparently just around the corner – but it will also entail you tacking 28 trap-filled levels and four big bosses.

Each level of Slimey, Jump! is a single screen which your slimey character navigates by auto-walking and you pressing the jump button whenever you want to jump (or double-jump). The levels are all well designed to challenge the player whilst still seeming fair and there are even 10 bonus coins you can collect to get a different ending.

It’s a great little bite-sized single-button precision platformer with a wonderfully quirky sense of humor and challenging, but fair level design. This isn’t going to be a piece of cake!

Controls – Z – Jump

Available On: Windows

Play Slimey, Jump! Here

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