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slither io is a brilliant blend of, Snake and TRON Light Cyles in which players compete, eat and kill each other in a never ending quest to become the biggest snake in the world.

The rules in are simple – eat glowing orbs to grow bigger and kill your enemies by getting their heat to hit your tail. You guide your snake around the arena by moving your mouse cursor, with the ability to boost by clicking the left mouse button.

There have been a lot of sub-par released in it’s wake, but is the first one we’ve seen that actually innovates and advances on the formula. Although size does matter, It’s not just survival of the biggest, unlike, even a small snake can kill a big one in with a bit of skill (and luck). It’s already a fun and highly addictive game, and the devs are continually working on it to add a range of cool new features (which you can vote on). Superb massively multiplayer snakey fun well worth taking for a slither.

Controls:  Mouse Cursor – Aim,  LMB – Dash

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Here

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  1. Hi! When I was young I played all day Snake.. And today I really addicted to slither io! I really love this game, I seem to be a child again 😉 I have an android smartphone and I have found a really good version of slither, called (Slither Eater).. It’s a mix of agar io and slither. I’m not a spammer, i only wuold suggest you this version if you are interested (and if you love agar and slither at the same time). Cheers

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