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Slope Crusher is a surreal, stylish and intense little extreme boarding game where you speed through boost gates and smash through dark crystals as you attempt to get the fastest time possible.

Slope Crusher is a very strange, unique and oddly mesmerizing board racing game where you attempt to go as fast as possible as you hurtle through a noise-filled world. You earn speed boosts by going through boost-gates, smashing through crystals and pulling off tricks and you will lose speed if you venture off the track.

It only takes around five minutes to race through Slope Crusher’s weird and wonderful tracks but it’ll take a while to master it and figure out the fastest routes through them all. It’s an intense, chaotic and visually spectacular experience that is quite unlike any boarding games that have come before it. Well worth taking for a spin.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar- Hard Turn

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Slope Crusher Here

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  1. This game was really enjoyable. It does a great job of making you feel the speed as you fly down the digital slopes. There are 6 levels but it promotes speedrunning which makes a ton of sense. I would love to see this game get more levels or if it gets a full fledged release to have some kind of track creator. I think since the music is such an awesome part of the game it could be linked to the crystals themselves. When the bass is going with the music the crystals could pulse and react to that. I think it would tie everything together really well. Overall this was a lot of fun.

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