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Small Life is a wonderful little hand animated hidden object style puzzle game where you try to find certain interactions between people in a city to cause some humorous outcomes.

The playful puzzles of Small Life take place in three different areas of a Chinese city. Your goal in each area is to trigger specific interactions that cause a required outcome – such as hitting a cat with a paper plane or inspiring a writer to start writing a romance novel. You trigger these interactions by simply clicking on specific objects of people in the scenes, but you need to chain together two specific interactions to trigger the desired outcome.

A lot of the time the game does descend into you just having to randomly clicking around the screen haplessly trying to trigger an event, but even so, it’s a great little game. It’s a real joy to spend time and explore every little detail of each beautifully drawn environment and all the little interactions you discover within them are a real delight. A small slice of life that’ll leave you with a big smile.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Small Life Here

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