Smoking With Cigarettes – Downloadable Game


Smoking With Cigarettes is a short and strange Warioware-esque game in which you must help your character smoke a cigarette, whilst controlling his stress induced shakes.

You simply go through a variety of mini-games in the process of lighting, smoking and disposing of a cigarette.  This often means hammering the spacebar to control your characters shakes and using the mouse for finesse movements.

Taking just a couple of minutes to complete, Smoking With Cigarettes impresses with it’s charming cartoon-sketch visuals and daft (and occasionally stress inducing) gameplay.  Silly, cigarette smoking fun.  Smoking Kills, but Smoking With Cigarettes may kill your spacebar.

Controls:  Spacebar + LMB – Various Actions

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Smoking With Cigarettes Here

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