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snacktime for snakes game download

Snacktime for Snakes is a very silly and very trippy game in which you attempt to avoid other snakes and eat a little mouse – with a new snake added each round that follows the exact route you took previously.

In Snacktime for Snakes you start with one snake which you control, one mouse for you to chase and a bizarre pulsing CGA landscape that deliberately makes it very hard to distinguish where you are and where the mouse is. Your aim is to catch the mouse and eat it, at which point you’ll proceed to the next level where the movement will be faster and there will be another snake to get int the way – not AI controlled, but an actual recording of your exact movements in the previous round.

Each snake has a unique visual look, such as the pattern on their skin or the length of their tail. As you progress, more snakes mount up until you’re left with a writhing nest of snakes all of which are your previous recordings, and all of which make finding and catching that poor little mouse even more tricky.

It’s a short, silly snake-filled oddity with cool catchy chip-tine audio, strangely addictive gameplay and some seriously eye-melting visual design. Super slithery snake fun.

Controls: A/D – Left/Right, Spacebar -Jump

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Snacktime for Snakes Here

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