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snail_world is a charming little Fantasy Zone inspired retro shoot ‘em up where you blast baddies, battle bosses and buy upgrades in uniquely themed wrap-around levels.

In snail_world you control a cute little spaceship as it battles though eight short wrap-around levels. In each level your aim is to destroy eight different large enemy structures, at which point a big boss will spawn and you attempt to take it down. There are no collectable power-ups, instead you collect coins from defeated enemies and use them to purchase upgrades and temporary power-ups from a shop that floats around the level.

You can get in some serious trouble at the final boss if you don’t either kill it first time or have a little spare cash to buy upgrades after you die. Other than that though, it’s a great little bite sizes shoot ‘em up with a charming pixel art visual style, fast paced gameplay and a nice selection of bosses to battle. Just be sure to buy speed upgrades ASAP or you’ll be in trouble!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Shoot, X – Special Weapon

Available On: Windows

Download snail_world Here

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