SNAKE 3310 – Browser Game

SNAKE 3310 is a very tense little horror game where you play Snake on an old Nokia 3110 while waiting for a someone to come back from the shops.

Created for the Nokia 3310 Jam, in SNAKE 3310 you find yourself sitting at home playing the classic game of Snake on your trusty old Nokia 3310. Snake plays much like it did on the real Nokia 3310, but you may not get any high scores as your game is continually interrupted by text messages – some from your friend (or flatmate/partner possibly) Charlie and some from an unknown source. To say much more will ruin the story, but needless to say things get pretty weird!

Taking around five minutes to play through, it’s a great little game with a fun premise, a very tense atmosphere and a welcome dose of Nokia 3310 nostalgia. It would perhaps be nice if you had the option to complete a game of Snake before deciding to read a text message as it is just as addictive as ever. But then again some of those messages are pretty urgent…

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z -Select, X – Back

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Nokia 3110 Here

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