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Snake Pit is a fast paced and very addictive single screen arcade game where you attempt to dash across a pit, avoiding snakes and spikes while attempting to earn a high score.

The gameplay in Snake Pit is very simple – you just have to dash across a pit while avoiding the various hazards for as long as possible. Each time you cross the pit you earn a point and you can also collect gems to earn you more points (every 100 points you earn grants you an extra life). Things start off fairly easy, but as you progress more snakes and spikes are introduced, as well as a crusher that will slam into you if you spend too long on one side of the pit.

It’s not a horror game, but there’s something creepy about Snake Pit’s slightly glitchy black and white aesthetic and its muted audio. It feels like a prototype for a long forgotten Polybius-esque arcade game where something nefarious is going on underneath. There’s not, but It makes for an oddly captivating and very addictive retro arcade experience as you try to rack up a high score!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Cross Pit

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Snake Pit Here

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