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SnakeLike features an oddly addictive little blend of Snake, puzzle and turn-based roguelike gameplay as you take control of a giant serpent who eats sacrifices and protects its worshipers from orcs.

In SnakeLike you control a serpent that moves much like the snake in a traditional Snake game – it constantly moves forwards, grows when it eats and dies if it collides with anything. However, the game world is very different and the food you eat is sheep, orcs and the occasional villager!

In each level of SnakeLike you are given an objective. This can be as simple as eating all the sheep or something a little more complex, like protecting villagers from orcs or killing all the orcs before they escape. Much like in a turn-based roguelike, everytime you move your enemies/food can move too, and some of the orcs can even fire arrows which you have to be wary of too.

It’s a fun concept that essentially makes each level a self contained puzzle, where you have to figure out the best route through to grow, save villagers and vanquish orcs. The simple classic roguelike styled visuals work really well and the level design is surprisingly varied, throwing up unique new challenges with each one.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download SnakeLike Here

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