SnOut – Downloadable Game

SnOut is a challenging and addictive mash-up of Snake and Break-Out, where you use your body to knock the ball into the surrounding area.

In SnOut your aim is to rack up as high a score as possible by hitting the ball with your snake’s body. Each time you hit the ball you power it up to allow it to destroy more of the surrounding blocks and your snake body also grows in length. You need to try to clear a large enough area to allow you to keep maneuvering your growing snake body around. If your head collides with anything then it’s game over. There are also collectable coins that can be used to buy new blocks and color palettes from the shop.

It’s a simple concept that works really well and makes for a very addictive experience. Oddly the very beginning of the game is one of the hardest parts as you only have a little body to hit the ball with. Once you amass a really large body things really start to get interesting, requiring a little planning as you try to pack your body into as small a space as possible. Do well and you might snake your way onto the online leaderboards too!

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On: Steam

Download SnOut Here

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