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Snowfight io game is an adorable and addictive massively multiplayer browser based game in which players take part in a huge snowball fight!

As with any good .io game the gameplay in is very easy to pick up and play, you simply choose a skin for your character then use WASD to move and the mouse to aim your snowballs. You can fire lots of small snowballs, charge up a shot to fire a large one or hold your finger on the left mouse button for longer to create an ice block you can use for shelter.

Every kill earns you XP and there are unlocks every time you level up five times, but these are only cosmetic ways to prove your awesomeness, not skill upgrades, so all the snowball fighters are on a level playing field. Your aim is to kill other players, collect loot and get enough points to reach the top of the leaderboard – at which point you’ll be rewarded with a shiny gold crown. There’s also a bear that wanders the arena, but you’re best off not angering it – it’s invincible and will chase you mercilessly if you throw a snowball at it! is a great little game, with addictive gameplay and cute visuals that are full of festive cheer. Perfect for a bit of massively multiplayer festive snowball flinging fun!

Controls: WASD – Movement, LMB – Fire Snowball, LMB(Hold) – Roll Big Snowball/Build Ice Block

Available On: All Browsers

Tip: A well aimed big snowball is far more effective than lots of little ones

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