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So Broken Game

So Broken is a very cleverly designed block pushing puzzler in which you have the ability to rewind time, but your character stays in the exact same position.

The objective in So Broken is much the same as any other block pushing Sokoban game with you by completing puzzles by moving blocks to their correct locations. The big difference in So Broken is that you can undo or redo your actions at the push of a button, moving the blocks accordingly, but with you remaining stationary. This makes for some fiendishly clever puzzle design as you constanly have to think forwards and backwards in time simultaneously – especially once the puzzles that make use of the ‘redo’ button arise!

A simple looking, but deceptively tricky little puzzler that will really test your problem solving skills as you’re forced to think forwards and backwards simultaneously.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Undo – Z, Redo – X, Restart – Crtl

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download So Broken Here

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