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Social Caterpillar Game Download

Social Caterpillar is a unique puzzle adventure in which you play a chronic introvert with crippling social anxiety and must force yourself to interact with other people socially via cleverly designed logic puzzles.

In Social Caterpillar you start the game as someone who has severe anxiety about social interaction – so much so that you can barely muster the energy to leave your bedroom and talk to your family. Each time you do interact with someone it costs you energy and you start a logic based puzzle that sees you attempting to find the correct responses to the conversation. Do well and your maximum energy level will increase, which will help you go further the next time you venture out of your room.

Initially some puzzles will be unsolvable due to you not having learned the correct response yet, but you can learn them by talking to people such as your sibbling. The further you venture out of your comfort zone and the more you talk to people the more exhausting it is though, so you regularly need unwind and top up your energy levels by playing video games.

It’s a clever little game that symbolizes the anxity of awkward social interctions very well as you try and get a read on what the other person is “saying” and how you should respond. There’s a nice amount of variety to the puzzles too and there are even some secret rooms and puzzles to dicover if you poke around a little. It’s also very satisfying to watch as your character ventures further out of their comfort zone and slowly learns to overcome their cripping social anxiety. A great little puzzler with a meaningful message. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Return – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download Social Catetpillar Here

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