Social Interaction Simulator – Browser Game

Social Interaction Simulator is a fun little typing game where you type out your conversation during awkward social interactions that don’t go according to plan.

Created for the Mini Jam 100, Social Interaction Simulator piles on the pressure as you attempt to type your way through three different awkward social interactions. The three social interactions are buying food at a restaurant, purchasing groceries at a check-out and attempting to book a doctor’s appointment.

In each of the interactions you simply try to type the phrases spoken by your character as fast and as correctly as possible. During the conversations, your character has to deal with awkward things like trying to get a suitable appointment date or having their credit card declined. To add to the pressure, you also feel like you need to type as fast as possible and you get called out for any mistakes.

It’s a fun little game that does a great job of recreating the stress of certain social interactions, while also infusing it with plenty of humor. See if you can type your way to success!

Controls: Keyboard – Type!

Available On: Browser

Play Social Interaction Simulator Here

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