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Social Pressure is a clever little satirical social media simulator that sees you attempting to become the biggest influencer on a new Twitter-esque social media app called PIXL.

There’s a real buzz about PIXL, a new social media app that’s taking the world by storm, and you want to be in on it. You don’t want to be just another voice in the crowd though – you want to become the top user, earning yourself an army of followers and a whole lot of cash in the process. It may have an adverse affect on your sanity though…

The gameplay in Social Pressure is a little like an incremental clicker, but with Twitter-esque social media functionality. You earn followers by tweeting, change the public’s opinion of you by liking or disliking certain tweets and you can purchase upgrades via the shop to help you amass your followers quicker.

It only takes around 20 minutes to “complete” Social Pressure and it’s fairly easy, but a lot of fun, thanks to the oddly addictive gameplay, various achievements and easter eggs. It’s the mental health element that’s the most interesting though. Reading negative or positive comments can alter your mental health, giving you various buffs or even allowing you to go insane and start your own cult or hack other accounts. It’s a great touch that delves into the darker side of social media (albeit in a lighthearted satirical way). See if you can hold it together as you build your social media empire!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Social Pressure Here

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