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SODSUD is a bizarre and creepy claymation styled adventure where you get a job as a store clerk in the Underworld, where animals are currency that are traded for food.

You are dead. While that may be a bit of a bummer, all is not lost because you now have a new life to look forward to in the Underworld. It’s a bit of a strange place, where the residents are all decaying corpses, but at least you’ve landed a job at the SOSUD convenience store!

Winter is coming to the Underworld so people are keen to stock up on products to help see them through. They come to your store and you search the store for what they want and sell it to them. Oddly, the preferred form of currency in the Underworld is live animals, so instead of a cash register, you’ve got a selection of cages to store them in. Different animals have different values, so for instance if a customer gives you a Chicken for the soda drink you sell them, you may also need to give them a cockroach or a worm as change.

Taking around an hour to play through, SODSUD is quite a slow and sedate experience, but interesting and unique nonetheless. The claymation art style looks fantastic, the lore is very intriguing and it’s a lot of fun getting to know all of the oddball customers that come to your store. A delightfully strange shopkeeping experience with some great worldbuilding.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact, Spacebar – Ski Dialogue, RMB – Phone

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download SODSUD Here

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