Sofamino – Browser Game

Sofamino is a fun little puzzle game that sees you attempting to cram as much furniture as possible into different sized rooms.

In Softamino you have a lot of furniture and only a limited amount of space to put it in. This means that you’re going to have to creative with your furniture placement as you try and fill every possible space in each room, from floor to ceiling.

In each level of Sofamino you have a set amount of furniture and a small room to place it in. You can’t choose which piece of furniture you get next and only have a set amount of time to find a suitable place for it so you have to think fast. Each level also has a bonus objective to complete, such as placing a certain object near another one, which you can complete to earn a higher star rating. It can be hard trying to jam everything into the small rooms, but you can rotate, flip, raise or lower the furniture to try and find the best placement.

It’d be nice if there was a mode without a timer as the timed mode is a bit hectic, but it’s a lot of fun trying to find the perfect placements of the furniture and it’s surprising just how much you can fit into one room. A fast paced furniture placing puzzler well worth unpacking.

Controls: Mouse – Move Object, RMB – Spin, MMB – Rotate, A/D – Spin Room, Mouse Wheel – Raise/Lower Object, LMB – Place Object

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play Sofamino Here

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