Solace Inc. – Downloadable Game

Solace Inc. is a wholesome and horny Vampire Survivors-like where you don’t attack, but you recruit other characters to do the combat for you.

In Solace Inc. you are an employee of a company that gets hired to complete missions across the space-time continuum. This basically involves you travelling to different locations and killing hordes of enemies, but your character can’t attack, they can only choose who to recruit and what upgrades to use.

There are lots of different characters to recruit, each with their own unique weapons and upgrades. They follow you around the battlefields blasting enemies, so that you can pick up gems and level up more. You complete a level by killing a set amount of enemies. Between missions you can then go to the break-room for some hot and steamy chat between Solace Inc.’s horny employees.

The gameplay is a little too easy, but it’s an oddly addictive game with a fun premise, excellent character design and some entertaining break-room chats. A very chill Vampire Survivors-like where you’ll only get hot and bothered in the break-room!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump/Select, Shift – Regroup

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Solace Inc. Here

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