Sole’s Quay – Downloadable Game

Sole’s Quay is a short first person horror game where you investigate your brother’s disappearance at a creepy old harbor.

In Sole’s Quay you follow the story of a detective who has just received a mysterious message for her estranged brother, asking her to meet him at an old harbour and fish processing plant. When she gets there the place is deserted and a trail of blood and dead bodies suggests something is very wrong. You’ll need to search for clues and solve puzzles as you unravel the harbour’s dark mystery.

The storytelling is a little abrupt, but Sole’s Quay really impresses with it’s visual design and atmosphere. It would be nice to see it expanded on in the future as it shows a lot of promise during its brief play time.

Controls: Mouse and keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Sole’s Quay Here

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