Something Nefarious Below – Downloadable Game

Something Nefarious Below is a tricky little Five nights at Freddy’s inspired horror game where you attempt to clean up a ritual whilst avoiding the attention of monsters.

Created for the Haunted Halloween Jam 2022, in Something Nefarious Below you have been tasked with cleaning up a ritual that has summoned a dark entity. Cleaning up the ritual is fairly easy – you need to tidy up some body parts, mop up the blood, extinguish the candles and clean up the pentagram. However, every now and again you’ll be visited by some freaky visitors who you need to deal with in different ways to avoid being killed…

It’s a simple, but effective little horror game that avoids the traps most FNaF inspired games fall into (generally becoming frustrating and over-complicated), to make for a very tense and entertaining experience. The mask monster is particularly fun to deal with and the fact you need to turn your back while cleaning up the ritual really keeps you on edge.

Controls – WASD – Movement, Mouse – Point & Click

Available on: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Something Nefarious Below Here

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