Sonic 1 Boomed – Downloadable Game

Sonic 1 Boomed

Sonic 1 Boomed is a hilarious/awesome/terrible fan made hack that inserts a supremely irritating Sonic voiceover, into the origingal Sonic the Hedgehog….EVERYWHERE.

At first you might think ‘haha, that sounds like fun’, and it really is…. for around 12 seconds. This is mainly due to the fact that Sonic’s new voiceover is a little too excited about the rings that litter the levels – with him making some excited exclamation EVERY SINGLE TIME HE COLLECTS THEM!

We don’t recommend playing it for long, as you’ll most likely go clinically insane after a couple of levels, but it is a wonderful oddity that’s garunteed to raise a smile (initially anyway!).

Controls:  Depends on Emulator Used

Available On:  Any Genesis Emulator

Note:  You’ll need a Genesis emulator to play Sonic 1 Boomed (easily found via Google)

Download or Watch Sonic 1 Boomed Here

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