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Sonic Dreams game

Created and uploaded onto the tongue-in-cheek Hedgehog,Exposed website, by a ‘hacker supergroup’ Arcane Kid$, Sonic Dreams is a bizarre masterpiece that shows Sonic as you’ve never seen him before!

It’s a wonderful collection of four freaky ‘unreleased prototypes’ that feature Sonic and his pals in a variety of odd scenarios.  The four games are all pretty crazy, but Sonic Movie Maker and My Roommate Sonic are by far the most entertaining (and f***ed up).

Sonic Movie Maker sees you filming Sonic and pals in a variety of odd situations and locations including orgies, a maternity ward and a trip into Sonics bowels.  My Roommate Sonic, however feels like a full on acid trip, in which you attempt to make a move on sonic and really end up getting lost in his eyes.

It’s a wonderfully weird Sonic-infused fever dream that’s really got to be seen to be believed – and it’s also the best Sonic game in years!  Highly recommended hedgehog weirdness.

Controls:  Keyboard & Mouse

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Check Out a Few Highlights, Secrets & Easter Eggs In A Gameplay Video Here

Note:  There are loads of hidden secrets in the game. To unlock the biggest easter egg – the Eggman Origins game – you must open the SegaNet application found in the SDV/ExtraDataFiles/UnsafeFile/CorruptedData folder.  Use username ‘mjstudio’, password ‘Wh1t3Glove’ and select ‘Amped(TM) BoltNet’ and check the ‘Loud Server’ box.  Then Start up Sonic Dreams (leave SegaNet Running in the background), create a character in Make My Sonic, take a picture of it and click ‘upload to SegaNet’.  Then you’ll be able to play Eggman Origins!

Found A Secret Or Cool Easter Egg?  Leave A Comment Below!

Download Sonic Dreams Here (Password ‘Grandpa’, Don’t Use Chrome)


  1. This game is awesome! Thanks for the info on unlocking the Eggman Origins game.

    Found a few secrets but there are probably lots more:

    On the Eggman Origins game, you must collect 6 worms and bring them to Dr Eggman. These worms are buried around the level.

    In Sonic Movie Maker, when sonic is pregnant, you can see eggs on far away buildings. You can get to them by using the chopper, and also get into into the viewing rooms with Amy,

    In the 2nd level of Sonic Movie Maker, there are pineapples behind the stage. Feed them t Sonic and Rouge to find the fake one, then give the fake one to the egg that’s standing above the stage for a blue orb of mass destruction! (Also turn your volume down, it;s LOUD!)

    You can play Snake on the mobile phone on the Sonic Roommate level ot Sonic Movie Maker – Not sure if a high score unlocks anything!

  2. Jimmers Von Doom

    August 13, 2015 at 10:12 am

    Incredible game, packed with so many secrets! Found a couple more.

    Sonic Movie Maker – My Roommate Sonic Level – You can jump off the table by building props high enough to jump over the invisible barrier. Also there’s an egg on top of the TV, give him the remote and you’ll get a flaming heart.

    On the Motel level you can grab the moon and bring it all the way into the carpark (requires a lot of scrolling).

  3. its actually wh1t3glove

  4. If you bring tails behind the hotel and give him to the egg you will get a flaming heart.

  5. its creepy how in sonic movie maker how they show porn or something and then rouge gives birth to you! ITS SO CREEPY!

  6. SegaNet does not work for me. What do I do?

  7. Love this game! I had no problems with installing from the link either – thanks!

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