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Sonic GT is a blisteringly fast and remarkably polished 3D Sonic fan game with four huge multi-route levels, (at least) four playable characters, lots of secrets, challenging boss fights and a fully voiced story mode.

Sonic doesn’t often shine when it comes to 3D games (especially with SEGA’s official offerings anyway), but Sonic GT is a good example of how to do it right. In the game you follow the story of Sonic and pals as they try to rescue Ray (the flying squirrel) from the clutches of Dr. Robotnik. This essentially sees you racing at ludicrous speeds through large open levels and battling multiple bosses.

Sonic GT features a full story mode with four large levels, fully voiced cut-scenes and three big boss battles. As you play through the game you unlock new characters and the ability to do time-trials on each of the levels you beat. Each level also contains three secret collectibles to find which will unlock more cool stuff (you’re given a radar after completing the game that makes finding them easier).

Mileage may vary on the story of the game depending on how invested in the Sonic fandom you are, but the gameplay is superb. Sonic (and the other characters) handle beautifully, the music is excellent and the visuals are gorgeous. It’s the level design that really makes the game feel special though – the attention to detail in each one is remarkable, they flow extremely well and it’s amazing how many different routes you can take through them. You can run through them in minutes, but it could take days to discover everything in them (and figure out the fastest route). Highly recommended.

Controls: Control Pad Recommended.

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sonic GT Here

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