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Sonic Suggests is a wonderfully weird Sonic (Sanic) fan game with some hilariously grotesque character models, which sees Modern Sanic transported back to classic Sanic’s dimension.

In Sonic Suggests Sanic finds himself teleported back to the classic Green Hill Zone, where he teams up with Teils the Fux and Nukelks the Enchillada to take on the Evil Dr Eegman. What follows is a brilliantly bizarre 3D platforming adventure full of janky gameplay, hilariously ugly character models and some very funny in-jokes.

Sanic meme games are nothing new, but what makes Sonic Suggests so enjoyable is the quality of the character design and the cinematic camera angles. Sanic and pals have never been rendered in such high quality. Sure there may be a reason for that, they do look pretty hideous, but their warped bodies are like a car crash – mangled messes that you can’t take your eyes off.

It’s a wonderfully weird adventure that makes you smile from start to finish and features a surprising amount of polish for a game which is essentially one long meme. Sure, it may not Sonic’s greatest outing, but it’s way better than Sonic Forces!

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump (Controller Compatible)

Available On: Windows & Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sonic Suggests Here

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