Sonic The Hedgehog: Pinball Panic – Downloadable Game

Sonic The Hedgehog: Pinball Panic is a fan made digital pinball table that’s packed full of great detail and Sonic fan service.

With his predilection for rolling, levels designed to be like pinball tables and even a Sonic Spinball spin-off, You may think that a Sonic the Hedgehog pinball table is a no-brainer. But remarkably there has never been an official Sonic the Hedgehog pinball table released. Step forward developer Greg Miller, who has grafted a perfect virtual pinball table that really does justice to the speedy blue hedgehog.

The ball physics are great and the flippers feel very tactile, but what really impresses with Sonic The Hedgehog: Pinball Panic is the table design and the sheer amount of Sonic goodness that’s packed into it. You can collect coins, you can do a vertical loop, you can collect chaos emeralds, you can collect power-ups and you can make the Sonic end of level signpost spin. You progress through a series of levels, with different objectives in each and you can even do battle with Dr Robotnik.

The table certainly looks the part with lots of great little touches and its Green Hill Zone stylings, but the sound design is incredible too. All the classic Sonic noises are there, from ring noises to the distinctive crunch when you bash Robotnik, all accompanied by some classic Sonic audio scores.

It’s not just a great Sonic the Hedgehog pinball table, it;s a great pinball table in its own right. A Beautifully designed homage to Sega’s speedy mascot that would have people lining up to play if it was a physical version. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Sonic The Hedgehog: Pinball Panic Here

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