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Sonic Time Twisted game download

Sonic Time Twisted is an awesome new fan made Sonic game with wonderfully authentic Genesis-era visuals, gameplay and physics in which Sonic, Knuckles and Tails attempt to stop Metal Sonic from resurrecting his former master.

Sonic Time Twisted has been in development for a long time, 12 years to be exact, and it’s clear the amount of hard work and dedication the devs have put into the game. It features 28 acts spread across 8 original zones, 10 boss fights, three playable characters (Sonic, Knuckles and Tails), an excellent soundrack, 14 3D Special stages, physics based on the Genesis originals and a bit of Sonic CD-style time-traveling between past and future.

This impressive set of features that really comes together to create a very authentic feeling outing for the blue hedgehog that pays respect to the originals and even surpasses them in many ways. The gameplay is fast and fluid, the audio is excellent and the level design is superb, offering up large sprawling levels packed with alternative routes and secrets.

Hopes are high for Sega’s official Sonic Mania game that’s due for release later in the year, but fans are rightly a little wary thanks to Sega’s Sonic output over recent years. So if you’re looking for an old school 2D sonic game that’s guaranteed to be a good time, check out Sonic Time Twisted – a real blast from the past!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, A/S/D – Jump

Available On: Windows

Download Sonic Time Twisted Here

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