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Sound Slide is a super stylish rhythm action racer where you hop from lane to lane in time with he beat across four beautiful neon-filed worlds.

In Sound Slide you control a little ship as it jumps from lane to lane in time with the music. You earn extra points and multipliers for timing your movements perfectly and will die if you fail twice in one section of the track. For the most part you move to the beat, but occaisionaly it’ll switch to a different part of the tune so you have to pay attention. There are four differently themed words to race through, each with its own unique song and you can add modifiers to make them more challenging, earning you more points in the process.

The final sections of the final level can be a little infuriating as they don’t really seem to match up with the beat (it’s actually easier with the sound off there), but other than that Sound Slide is a fantastic game. Lane-hopping rhythm action racers are not new but Sound Slide does it with so much style and (for the most part) matches the song with the song so well that it’s easily one of the best examples of the genre. A super stylish rhythm racer well worth taking for a spin.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Select

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sound Slide Here

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