Soup – Download & Browser Game


Soup is a fun little globular plaything in which you guide your blob around the screen, absorbing other blobs and shooting different colored blobs.

There are no set objectives in Soup, you just play around having lots of blobby fun. You can absorb similar colored blobs to get larger, and fire out sections to shrink. Shrink down to the smallest possible size and you can even become a purple blob, which makes growing and avoiding other blobs far harder.

More of a playtoy than a game, Soup is a charming little experience that’s great fun to mess around with. Great globs of fun.

Controls:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement, LMB – Launch Blobs,  1/2/3/4 – Change Graphics Mode, R- Reset

Available On:  Win, Mac, Linux & Browser

Play Or Download Soup Here

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