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Space Cadet is a very tricky retro space shooter where you try to maneuver your ship, shoot, repair your ship, activate shields and collect gems – all using just two buttons!

In Space Cadet you control a little spaceship as it flies around a small arena blasing meteors and harvesting the gems from them. However you don’t have direct control of the ship – you just have control of the five different control panels (Fix, Turn, Shoot, Defend and Pull) of the ship and all you can do is press X to switch between them and Z to activate them.

This means that if you want to turn then you need to switch to the Turn command station and hold Z to make the ship turn (then release when you’re facing the right direction), or if you want to shoot then you switch to that control station and press Z to shoot. Your goal is to harvest as many crystals as possible from the asteroids, but you also have to deal with attacking enemies. Each time you collide with something or are shot then one of your command consoles will be damaged and inoperabel until you repair it. If all five consoles are damaged then it’s game over.

It’s a very tricky, but oddly addictive little game that offers a very different twist on the traditional space shooter. It’s more about quick thinking than quick reflexes as you try to prioritize the use of the different consoles and try to keep your ship in one piece. It turns out you can fly a spaceship with just two buttons, but it’s pretty damn tough!

Controls: X – Switch Station, Z – Use Station

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Space Cadet Here

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