Spacedust Defender – Browser Game

Spacedust Defender is a challenging and very addictive browser based tower defense game with mazing, roguelike elements and the ability to manually control a large gun turret in your base.

Unlike most tower defense games, in Spacedust Defender you are given a lot of freedom to set up your defenses as you like. You can place your main base anywhere on the map (as long as it’s not on top of any pre-existing object) and you can also use platforms and barricades to create mazes for the creeps to move through.

As in other tower defense games you have a selection of different turrets you can place and upgrade, but you also get a choice of three random stackable perks at the end of each round which can dramatically increase your chances. As you progress you’ll face stronger swarms of enemies and you’ll also unlock new turrets and achievements which grant you permanent perks.

It’s an easily accessible, but very addictive little tower defense game that harkens back to the classic Desktop Tower Defense game (but with shorter levels and lots of useful perks). Well worth checking out if you love a good mazing-style tower defense game.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Spacedust Defender Here

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