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SPACE/MECH/PILOT is a fun little narrative-driven idle clicker where you upgrade your spaceship in a video game that connects you to an alien from another universe.

The core gameplay mechanics in SPACE/MECH/PILOT are similar to most incremental clickers – you click and buy upgrades to upgrade your weapons and blast enemy spaceships (you make the numbers go up). What’s unique about SPACE/MECH/PILOT is the story, which plays out via an old phone that mysteriously manages to connect you to a charming little alien.

The alien isn’t within your game/simulation (or at least is unaware if it is) and as you chat you’ll form a bond. The alien is clearly having a bit of a tough time, but your words of encouragement can help spur them on and also earn you some useful upgrades in the process.

It would be nice if the progression was a little faster, but it’s a great little take on the incremental clicker genre with some fun surprises and a lot of heart. You really begin to care for the alien and look forward to your conversations each time the phone rings.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Arrow Keys – Select, Spacebar – Shoot

Available On: Windows & Linux


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