SPACEPLAN – Browser Game


SPACEPLAN is a very cool sci-fi incremental clicker based on a total misunderstanding of Steven Hawkings ‘A Brief History of Time‘ that sees you powering up your spacecraft and scan the planet you’re orbiting with various potato-themed probes.

Your ship has just powered up and you’re not too sure where you are or what the red planet below you is. A lot of your data files have been corrupted, but thankfully your potato database is fully functioning – you should be able to use various potato-based machinery to scan, explore and excavate the planet.

SPACEPLAN differs from most incremental clicker as instead of fighting endless hordes of enemies or building up factories for a profit, you’re actually using the power units you create to make useful discoveries and uncover more of the games intriguing story. A story that takes some interesting twists as you discover more about your surroundings and find out more about what happened on the planet below.

Sure, SPACEPLAN is an incremental clicking time sink, but it’s far more than JUST an incremental clicking time sink – it’s a highly engaging space adventure, full of discovery, intrigue, humor and space potatoes!

Controls: Mouse – Click

Avaiable On: All Browsers


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