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spherical constitution

Spherical Constitution is a super surreal ball rolling puzzler in which you attempt to use low poly human body parts to guide the ball to the goal.

You may think ‘oh it’s just another ball rolling puzzle game’ but Spherical Constitution is anything but. It’s a bizarre mix of stylish low poly artwork, disturbing audio and near-impossible courses carved out of polygonal human bodies that you have to bend and twist to roll the ball in the correct directions. It’s a little like those little get-the-metal-balls-in-the-holes puzzles you’d always find in Xmas crackers or dentist waiting rooms, but re-imagined by someone with a fetish for mannequins and a penchant for mind altering drugs.

Spherical Constitution is an intense experience that assaults your senses from start to finish (thanks largely to the flashing lights and unsettling audio). A weird and wonderful body moving ball roller, well worth checking out.

Controls: Click & Drag Mouse – Move Body Parts

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Warning: Contains Flashing Images

Gameplay Video: Here (Contains Flashing Images)

Download Spherical Constitution Here

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