Spider: Downloaded – Browser Game

Spider Downloaded

Spider: Downloaded is a fun pixel art platformer in which you play a spider who has been downloaded onto a malicious computer, and must use it’s web-slinging skills to save other prisoners and escape.

The core web-slinging gameplay of Spider: Downloaded is very satisfying, much like Spiderman, you can fling webs at any structure and swing from them, propelling you around obstacles and towards your goal.  You can also walk and climb along walls, but web-slinging is by far the most fun way to get around the levels.

As you progress, you’ll come across many deadly hazards and even take part in little boss fights, freeing prisoners and learning more about this corrupt computer.  What secrets lie awaiting our tiny hero at the core of the system?

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump,  Mouse – Aim,  LMB – Fire Web

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Spider Downloaded Here

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