Spiderling – Browser Game


Spiderling is a beautiful arachnid-based puzzle platformer with excellent pixel art animation and hugely satisfying web slinging gameplay.

As opposed to the other, rather menacing looking spiders in the game, your little spiderling is an adorable little creature with an almost humanoid form.  He can run and jump, but by far his most useful (and most fun) talent is the sticky webs he slings.  These webs can be used in a variety of ways in the game – allowing you to drag and secure objects, activate switches or to swing from rooftops.

Throughout it’s playtime, Spiderling impresses with it’s interesting story, excellent pixel art visuals and ingenious puzzle design that really makes you think outside the box.  A wonderful web-slinging puzzle platforming adventure.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z – Jump,  X – Fire Web

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Spiderling Here

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