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Spime 3D is a thoroughly bizarre Sci-Fi time travelling horror adventure that sees you trapped in an infinitely looping diner, inhabited by freaky big green time travelling monster balls.

Spime 3D is a 3D remake of Suits n’ Nukes 2D original Spime adventure. It tells a strange Twilight Zone-esque tale of a man who finds himself trapped in a diner, and every time he exits it he ends up right back inside it again. Along the way you find notes written to yourself from future versions of yourself and you unravel a mystery that bends time and space.

Along the way you’ll have to avoid freaky floating green balls with large teeth and try and solve the mystery of a little glowing man who seems to know what’s really going on in the diner. It has a lot of rough edges and may not even make total sense once you complete it, but it’s a surreal Sci-Fi adventure well worth embarking on.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Spime 3D Here

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