Spime – Downloadable Game

Spime is a bizarre time-looping multiverse horror game where you find yourself trapped in a diner with versions of yourself and a giant floating ball creature.

In Spime you’ve just popped into a roadside diner for some food. It’s a pretty standard looking diner (if a little large), but when you try to leave you find that it just loops you back to where you started again. What’s more you start finding projection devices that talk about time travel and the multiverse, and there’s a giant alien creature and alternate versions of yourself wandering around too. You’re in some serious trouble!

It’s a very unique horror game with a wonderfully baffling premise, a striking visual style and excellent voice acting. A very weird Sci-Fi horror adventure where doors don’t work how they should do!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Spime Here

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