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Spin! is a very satisfying little physics based platformer where you rotate platforms and activate pistons to build a ball through each level.

Playing a little like a cross between pinball and platforming, each level of Spin! sees you attempting to guide a little ball to the goal flag. You do this by rotating the little red platforms left and right, allowing you to roll the ball and even flip it up into the air. Later on there are also pistons to activate, but it’s the rotatable platforms that are the star of the show, allowing you to achieve a remarkable amount of finesse with just two buttons.

There are 25 levels in Spin!, which doesn’t take too long to play through, but it’s a joy to play through from start to finish. There’s something about the simple 2D aesthetics, the ball physics, the minimalist controls and the little jingle that plays after completing each level that makes for a very chilled out and satisfying experience. Highly recommended.

Controls: A/D – Rotate, R- Restart

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Spin! Here

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