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Spirit Record is a surreal MS-DOS styled horror game where death comes in many forms as you attempt to survive in a forest that’s home to all manner of freaky horrors.

In Spirit Record you find yourself lost in a mysterious woodland after being abducted by two cultists. You are told to prove yourself by showing that you’re one of them, which you do by attempting to defeat or escape from the various horrors that stalk the forest.

You can explore the forest at will, but every now and then a random monster will be summoned for you to deal with. There are lots of different monsters, and if they catch you it usually means instant death and you going back to the start. If you do manage to kill/escape a monster then the game world will shrink a little and you’ll face another randomly selected monster.

Spirit Record is frustratingly hard and death comes fast and often, but it’s got a great sense of atmosphere and it’s fun trying to figure out how to escape the various monsters. Much like the FAITH games, it manages to squeeze a surprisingly large amount of dread out of its retro MS-DOS styled visuals and there are many ways to die.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Run

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Spirit Record Here

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