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Splix io

Splix.io is a very cool blend of Agar.io’s massively multiplayer mayhem and Qix, in which you attempt to fence off areas of the field without getting intercepted halfway through.

In Splix.io your goal is to claim the largest amount of area possible. You do this by fencing off areas and claiming them as your own, but while you do this you are open to attack from other players – if they crash into your fence trail before you’ve completed it then you’ll die. As in the original Qix, it’s a great mechanic that always a bit of risk/reward element to Splix.io as the larger the area you attempt to steal, the longer you’re vulnerable to attack.

There’s a whole genre of Agar.io inspired massively multiplayer games now, and much like the other great games like Slither.io and Deip.io, Splix.io doesn’t just rip-off Agar.io – it innovates and creates a very different game with the same easilly accessible massively multiplayer appeal. Highly addictive massively multiplayer Qix.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play Splix.io Here

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